Industrial Storage Solutions From CGS

Custom Industrial Storage Solutions for your Business

Industrial storage problems are a concern in many distribution environments and can impact productivity and your bottom line quite easily if not addressed properly. One of the most impactful elements is how you setup your warehouse’s space is relation to how you access your products. There are multiple applications including racking systems to hold products/stock, including mezzanine systems to increase the usability of your space, racking systems, & storage lockers to lock up products and personal belongings. CGS has worked extensively with all of these products over the years and have applied those products to many different situations, gaining essential experience along the way.

Sustainable Solutions

The goal of every business is to put into place a dynamic system that can grow as your needs change, a static system will only cause problems and in the end cost you more. A customized industrial storage system is really the only system that will compliment your business in a way that won’t minimize productivity or cost you extra money. Optimizing your storage space is essential to moving your business forward without the hassles of an unorganized and inefficient working environment.


More about CGS

We are committed to providing our customers with solutions that meet their individual needs. That is why we manufacture our own mezzanines, cantilever and storage lockers. We purchase all our materials locally and we manufacture our own customized designs; tailored to satisfy our customer’s specific needs. We don’t hire sub contractors or sell other company’s product as our own.


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