Storage Lockers – Custom Quality

Storage Lockers – Customized Quality

Our customers choose our storage lockers because they usually become necessary and they know they’re going to get the best product on the market from us. What makes our storage lockers better than the rest? They’re customized using only the best materials and every aspect will work with what your needs are, each of our storage lockers are as unique as your business. Combine the finest all-steel galvanized products, wire-mesh partitions, and engineers with over 25 years experience in the industry and you get a premium product.

Secure Storage Where you Need it

Security of valuable items is always important, for this reason our storage lockers are built strong with a 1/8″ welded panel construction with the thickest lock clasps in the industry. All panels have a center re-enforcing bar and doors have three. Maximum panel size is 48” width to guarantee optimum strength. Lockers wider than 48” Require an additional panel to maximize rigidity.

Gain the visibility and circulation you need without compromising strength, as these lockers are built to last.


CGS Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest quality of products and security while meeting their storage, material handling and safety needs.

Our purchasing and manufacturing policies ensure a degree of reliability and affordable pricing that in turn, provides our customers with the competitive edge they require to succeed in their business. We believe that our success can only be achieved by establishing trust and confidence within our most valuable resource … our customers!


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