Employee Storage Lockers from CGS

Custom Employee Storage Lockers for your Workplace

Looking for employee storage lockers that are custom made from the highest quality steel but are affordable? CGS Industries is a major supplier of wire-mesh storage lockers and wire-mesh partitions for a variety of storage and security applications. CGS designs and manufactures what you need, this means that you don’t just get what’s in stock, you get a high quality customized solution that will maximize your space.

Quality from Design to Manufacturing

All of our laborers are certified and our manufacturing requirements surpass industry standards for quality. This means that all of the necessary security checks on each one of our products will be made before it goes into the manufacturing process. CGS believes in producing only the highest quality products for our customers, and that includes all of our employee storage locker products. Give us a call and ask about our manufacturing process if you wish to get a better idea of how we strive to stand out form our competition.

Order Employee Storage Lockers Online

It can be as simple as giving us a call via the number on this website and talking to one of our industry specialists. We take pride in serving our customers in a highly customized and individualistic way, every job is different and we treat it that way.  Don’t settle for standard items that may not be right for your space, give us a call today and get the perfect products for your needs, every time.


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