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Storage Lockers

CGS Industries uses only the finest all-steel products including galvanized steel.

CGS Industries is a major supplier of wire-mesh storage lockers and wire-mesh partitions for a variety of storage and security applications.

Our engineers specialize in customizing their designs to meet your specific storage and or security needs.

We don’t sell “what’s in stock”!
We design and manufacture what you need!

Our manufacturing requirements surpass industry standards and only certified laborers are selected to carry out your customized design needs.

Storage Lockers

Condos & Apartments
Universities & Schools
Employee Lockers
Government Lockers
Hospitals & Laboratories

Built Strong:

The strength of a fully framed 1/8” angle welded panel construction. With the thickest lock clasps in the Industry the safety of stored materials is
maximized. All panels have a center re-enforcing bar and doors have three. Maximum panel size is 48” width to guarantee
optimum strength. Lockers wider than 48” Require an additional panel to maximize rigidity.

Gain the visibility and circulation you need without compromising strength, as these lockers are built to last.


Panels are fabricated to suit the size of locker you require. Constructed with 10-gauge wire welded in 2” inch square mesh pattern, welded securely into a 1/8” angle frame. The widest panel available is 48” for maximum strength. For a 60” locker one 48” fully framed panel and
one 12” fully framed panel is required. Panels are a standard height of 96”. Final heights are dependent on ceiling and obstruction heights on site.


Door panels are pre-hinged for rapid installation and come with two 2 ½” hinges. Each door comes standard with 2 heavy duty lock clasps.
The thickest in the industry. Door sizes are made to fit the locker size you require. Normally doors are 34″ to 40” wide. Single tier doors finish
1” below the height of the locker. Double tier doors split the locker unit in half.

There are no non-standard sizes with CGS. Lockers are built and installed to suit your needs.

Storage Lockers Double Tier

Double tier lockers

Double tier lockers are half the height of a full tier locker. Door height split the locker in half. The upper locker has a shelf at the bottom which is framed re-enforced wire mesh. An option would include a metal shelf.

Locker Roofs

Locker roofs are not included unless specified. Roofs are available as an option as an unframed flat mesh. Framed roofs are also available.

For quality, strength, service, flexibility and economy thank you for choosing CGS.

Bike racks

Bike racks are available in vertical or horizontal types. Hanging or fixed. For bike storage rooms or individual parking areas.