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Many of our clients require the use of a racking system in their warehouse and this is why over the years we’ve become a leader in the industry. We’ve listened intently and have adapted our services to fit the needs of these clients, this includes offered new and used options, galvanized and non-galvanized products, and a level of customization that truly caters to your individual needs. We carry all the top racking brands, and carry one of the largest stocks of products in the province of Quebec.

Racking for Specific Needs

Your racking system will serve a specific use in your warehouse but not all needs are the same. Some customers require a system for distribution purposes, retail purposes, and or production purposes, are the main three that we come across. Each category would include it’s specific level of needs based on the usage of said racks.

Distribution, Retail, & Production

There are several setups that would fall under this category, they include selective racking, push-back systems, and flow system setups. Selective is the most common single direct pallet access system used by picking environments. There’s the push back system which is a selective setup which can typically be anywhere up to 4 pallets deep, used for storage or FIFO uses. Then there’s the flow system which increases flexibility of order picking operations.

Racking for Retail

This category includes light duty systems, wide span shelving systems, and metal shelving systems. The one we’ll focus on here is the light duty systems, these are exactly like they sound and are a extremely versatile light and flexible system meant to be used and expanded as needed.

Racking for Production

This category includes several from the distribution section and includes automation systems, modular drawers, drive-in systems, push back, and pallet flow systems. Essential these systems are meant to accommodate an environment where accessibility and productivity is at the forefront.


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