Customized Used Racking Installations

Used Racking – An Affordable & Highly Customizable Solution

CGS understands every job is unique, and with one of the largest inventories of used racking and shelving in Quebec we can accommodate any situation. Our clients choose a used racking option when they are looking for an economical option with the ability to fully customize said installation. Our entire inventory of used product is stored indoors and organized to insure its integrity. Because of our long standing commitment to safety and security, we only purchase the very best quality of used merchandise for resale. Each piece is carefully inspected and any materials that are damaged or deemed to be sub-standard are rejected and sold for scrap.

Customized Racking In Shop

Our highly skilled professionals will custom build your used racking system to fit your needs. Over the years we’ve become experts at promoting safety and building strong quality products for our clients. Every racking system we build and install is covered by our quality guarantee making us a highly safe and viable option for your project. Simply give us a call and talk to one of our specialists today and find out what makes us stand out from our competition.

New or Used or Both it’s your choice

Options, options, options, you’ll have plenty of options given to you when we put together a plan to optimize your space. We’ll perform a thorough needs assessment that will anticipate your needs and give you the ability to scale as your requirements change.


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