Mezzanines a Valuable Addition

Mezzanines for Your Industry

Mezzanines have a universal application when it comes to industry storage layouts and how they can improve said layouts. CGS has many customers that use a mezzanines to give them a multi-tier accessible storage solution, coupled with a stairwell customized to your needs and you have a multiple levels where there was previously one. Customers can use these levels to gain more space, improve productivity, accessibility, or to build and employee break room. Mezzanines are safe and reliable and can even be expanded upon in the future.

Industry Utilization

Military installations commonly use mezzanines in their setups, aerospace, manufacturing of course, produce companies, and the list goes on. The safety and quality of these products in all of our contracts is non negotiable, and each and every custom system that we build undergoes rigorous testing before its cleared for use. We can guarantee this level of quality because we use only the best materials combined with best practices when putting the pieces together.

A valuable addition

Our customers often choose our systems because they will easily compliment their current system and can be built around what is currently there. It’s affordable! Mezzanines are made to last and are an affordable option to increase productivity. When a mezzanine is designed and installed correctly it is a highly effective and valuable asset for your warehouse.


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