Custom Mezzanines from CGS

CGS Custom Mezzanines

When it comes to your warehouse and the unique requirements you have for your space a mezzanine can be a great addition. Custom mezzanines add another level to a once singular level environment, the benefits of this are the ability to stock products that are would be accessible by foot. There are many customization options you can choose when planning an addition such as this so make sure you talk to professionals that know all the pros & cons that might come with this solution.

Built Specifically for your Warehouse

Some warehouse storage experts, or so they call themselves, will try and to dump off existing product into an environment where those products don’t belong, that’s why CGS builds our products from scratch. Our experts will first assess your space, deliver a custom designed layout, build that layout to specifications and install it, all part of the same service!


Some Quick info about CGS Custom Mezzanines

CGS mezzanines can be fabricated to fit any size, height or capacity requirements and can be finished in a variety of colors.

  1. CGS mezzanines are pre-engineered to meet CNB code regulations with a capacity of 150- 300 lbs per square foot uniformly distributed load bearing.
  2. With expenses as high as they are it is essential that today’s warehouse planners get the most from every square inch of useable space.
  3. A free standing structural mezzanine gives you a clear open space over your existing office, storage or production area without impeding your available floor space.
  4. Because a C.G.S. mezzanine is a free standing structure it does not rely on any attachment to your existing building or rack system for support.

Our Quality

In the event of expansion to a new building or relocation in the same building, CGS mezzanines are easily dismantled and relocated.

CGS mezzanines are all prefabricated to the needs of our clients and are installed as bolted on site installations.

STRUCTURE: Structural steel 55,000 p.s.i
FLOORING: With 5 different flooring types to meet all applications.
RAILINGS: Following strict CNBC regulations.
GATES: Gates to meet all loading requirements.
STAIRS: Stairs are all welded unless previously stated in any height required.
BRACING: Installed (bolted) as required.


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