Cantilever Racking from CGS

Custom Cantilever Racking Installations

Cantilever racks are a very efficient means for storing materials in your warehouse, especially when they’re customized to your needs. These systems offer a degree of flexibility that make them systems that are widely used in warehouses around Quebec. Being popular for storing piping, lumber, and other long materials cantilever racking systems much like regular racking systems can be in long rows to create extended storage system layouts. CGS’s customized solution will use the concept of the cantilever system but completely customized to fit your size, depth, and capacity needs.

Why Choose a Cantilever system?

It’s simply about necessity depending on the products you have in stock, commonly customers have a variation of systems in place, and this is why having your layout designed by an experienced professional is pertinent. Customers commonly appreciate the flexibility of these systems combined with their simplicity and easy of use.

Why Choose CGS?

CGS has over 25 years experience designing, customizing, optimizing layout for our customers so you know you can trust us to get the job done right the first time around.



Components of a CGS Cantilever System

Rack Columns
Columns are the main structural components in any cantilever rack installation.
Columns work with bases to create the ‘backbone’ of the rack.
Columns are available in single, or double sided configurations – with double sided columns; you can store material on both sides of the rack.

Rack Arms
Cantilever arms make up the actual ‘levels’ that are used for storage. They are typically adjustable on the column to create shelf levels for a variety of height requirements.
Arms can be straight or inclined to hold goods that may roll off.
Some arms come with a “lip” that attaches to the end of the arm to prevent loads from slipping off the front of the rack.

Rack Braces
Braces go between columns and stabilize the rack laterally.
Braces are not intended to hold loads and should only be used to connect the columns in a row.


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